The SANOVO modular EGG WASHERS are available in 6-8 row and 12-16 row cabinets. With a combination of short and long modules any washing time is achievable. The egg washers can be installed with any egg braker and egg grader in the industry.

The modular washers are available in different lengths and wash times with a variable number of brush and spray modules for maximum washing performance for different qualities of eggs.The modular system prevents excessive washing and a consequent loss of eggs and reduced yield.

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Models for 50 and 100 pallets / dividers per hour: manually loaded with the pallets / dividers washed in a vertical position. Can be equipped with a conveyor returning the pallets / divider back to the loading area.

Models for 150 and 200 pallets / dividers per hour, stacks of pallets and dividers: loaded and unloaded on a conveyor belt by a forklift. The pallets and dividers are automatically destacked prior to washing and stacked again after washing.

  • Hygienic design, smooth surfaces and corners.
  • Entire machine made of stainless steel with superior finish.
  • Unique cleaning system with pivoting nozzles for improved wash results.
  • Easy removal of clip nozzles without tools, for cleaning purposes.
  • Nozzles can easily be adjusted and pointed in different directions.
  • Filter tray is easy to remove and clean.
  • Minimised consumption of energy, water and chemicals.
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The fully automatic process makes our tray washer the most labour-saving tray washer on the market. The machine has the most advanced design in the industry, offering high output and top-class washing performance.

Only one operator is required to handle the entire operation.

Capacity: from 6,500 plastic trays per hour. Safe destacking of dirty trays. Monitored performance.

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