Technical Service and Spare Parts in Northern Africa.

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Ovorider’s team of highly skilled technicians and technologists in Northern Africa make the machines and plants in the egg and food industries easy to maintain. Whatever the problem, the local service has a fast, reliable solution. Each member of the staff has been trained in Europe and is updated on the newest technology available.

Local technicians to install and maintain your machines and plants is just the most effective solution for your Company.

Finding a skilled team to help you install a machine and keep it working at its highest level can be frustrating – and costly, especially if they come from very far away.

OVORIDER provides highly skilled, local technicians in Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

They will be your most valuable partners, helping you keep your Company running and providing you with the latest technological solutions available.

For further information and for getting in touch with our Service staff, see the CONTACTS at the bottom of this page.

Sanovo Technology Group farmpackers, sold by Ovorider in Africa and the Middle East.

OVORIDER’s SERVICE is currently the best solution for small and big companies in Northern Africa.

Our technical staff can make the difference when it comes to choosing a new machine or plant. 

You will not only choose among a wide range of products tested on the market and proved to be the most suited for your needs, but you will also know there will be someone to contact shall any small or big question arise. 

Reliable, efficient, fast.

Our local Service Team is there for you, when you need it.


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