OVOFLEX is the simplest and best selling egg printing system in the world. With this system it is possible to print: breeding code, letters, numbers and logos in different colors. It is a reliable and easy to use printing system. The OVOFLEX printer can also be installed on packing and grading machines.


  • Successful design with plain mechanics and intelligent software
  • Small and compact building method with pleasing design
  • 1 print head for up to 25000 eggs per hour
  • HP cartridge filled with food safe ink
  • Unique ink system with a resolution of 150 dpi ensures economical print application and optimum print quality of at least 400,000/800,000 eggs per cartridge (300/150 dpi)
  • Simple start-up within seconds
  • Economical and ecologically friendly solution due exchangeable print heads
  • High availability and best possible maintenance costs due to simplicity

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