poultry equipment

plants and equipment for poultry

Incubators and hatcheries, machines for handling fertilized eggs, plants for feed, slaughter houses and machines.


From small incubators to industrial incubation systems, we supply a wide range of customizable machines and installations.


Customizable equipment for the storage of animal feed. Extremely resistant implants.

hatchery packers

Machines for collection and packaging of fertilized eggs. Extreme care of the eggs not to cause damage. Up to 28000 eggs / hour.

feed mills

Feed mills for farms of any size. Highly customizable plants. 

farm packers

Machines for loading eggs in wet or dry conditions. For different types of eggs and trays. Up to 560 cases / hour.

slaughter houses

Automatic technology. Safe and efficient slaughtering machines. For chickens, chicks, rabbits and quails.

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News on products for the Poultry Industry and more.


We now can help our customer supplying all is needed to the filling process of any kind of food and beverage like liquid eggs,  juices, yogurt, milk, oil and wine as well.: from the filling machine  to the GABLE TOP carton packages to the BAG and BOX. Please take...

Case Packer Pro

The most flexible case packing solution handling the largest variety of egg cartons in the industry. Can be attached to all common grader brands. The SANOVO Case Packer Pro is a modern, multi-functional case packing solution, operating with a speed between 14,000 -...

Technical Service and Spare Parts in Northern Africa.

Ovorider's team of highly skilled technicians and technologists in Northern Africa make the machines and plants in the egg and food industries easy to maintain. Whatever the problem, the local service has a fast, reliable solution. Each member of the staff has been...

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