The SANOVO STREAMLINE is ideal as a secondary line that can be used for running special products such as biological products or products containing enzymes or additives.

Effective, small-scale equipment capable of producing pasteurised egg products which match the quality of large processing facilities.

StreamLine 1000-1 – One liquid product – 1,000 litres/hour

StreamLine 1000-2 – Two liquid products – 1,000 litre/hour

StreamLine 200-1 – One liquid product – 200 litres/hour

Watch the video on Sanovo Pasteurisers


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The industries using egg in their products, are increasingly in need of pasteurised safe egg products. The main reason is food safety, but there are other important aspects, such as ease of use, improved hygiene, uniformity and the preparation of special products.

Liquid egg is extremely delicate, as egg proteins are much more sensitive to heat than other elementary liquids such as milk or juices: yolk and egg white have different compositions and behaviours from each other while, if mixed, they interact mutually.

Capacity: 600 – 10.000 liters / hour; configured according to customer specifications; for high-viscosity salty and sweet products; ESL products with very high temperatures; high sterilization cycle.

Watch the video on the Sanovo pasteurisers.

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