The Nigeria Poultry Show has been a success for Ovorider. Throughout the show the company received great feedback on their products from a variety of industry leaders, local farmers and influencers that visits its stand.

It was the first show Ovorider attends in Nigeria. Responsible for the organisation is our agent Agrisupplies. The very professional and enthusiast crew of Agrisupplies, managed by Mr Idowu Asenuga, brought many poultry producers and authorities to the Agrisupplies and Ovorider booth during the Nigeria Poultry Show 2018. To all in Agrisupplies: “Thank you for the success of this exhibition; Ovorider is proud working with a professional partner like you!”

Together with Agrisupplies, Ovorider is offering solutions for the layer, breeder and broiler market in Nigeria.