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Egg packer – 36,000 eggs / hour

Egg packing machine with capacity of 36,000 eggs / hour (100 cases/hour). Highly performing egg packer. This Sanovo packing machine is your best choice if you are looking for a low energy consumption, easy maintenance packer.  Every Farmpacker is created with the...

Egg packer – 25,200 eggs/hour

Reliable egg packing machine. This Sanovo FarmPacker 70 can packs 25,200 eggs/hour (70 cases/hour). The FarmPacker 70 is a highly efficient, low maintenance packing machines for poultry eggs. It is simple and flexible. Minimal human presence, maximum efficacy. Contact...

EGG PACKING MACHINE 14,400 eggs/hour

Very efficient egg packing machine. This Sanovo FarmPacker packs 14,400 egg/hour (40 cases/hour). The FarmPacker 40 is easy to use and easy to maintain. It is simple, robust, reliable and flexible. Maximum up-time –100% correct packing. The egg packing machine...

Hatchery Packer

The hatchery packer not only takes care of maintaining high hatchability by its careful treatment of the hatching eggs but also of a considerable saving in labour. The hatchery packers are robust and built in an ergonomic design, made from non-corrosive material and...

Small Incubators

Small egg incubators. The incubators are available in many sizes and capacities. Features can vary according to our clients' needs.  Temperature, level of humidity and light are managed automatically.



Electronic inkjet egg printers. Automatic offline egg printing system, for small, medium and large egg farms To be used to print a traceability code and/or a name on the eggs, together with a production and/or expiry date Safe ink. Durable, reliable printers.

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