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Electronic inkjet egg printers. Automatic offline egg printing system, for small, medium and large egg farms To be used to print a traceability code and/or a name on the eggs, together with a production and/or expiry date Safe ink. Durable, reliable printers.

OvoService, Ovorider’s Service Team

OvoService, Ovorider’s Service Team

We are happy to inform you that OVORIDER has put together a great Service Team to provide local technicians in Northern Africa. Having a 30 year experience in the region, we spent the last few years selecting and training the right people. Our technicians have been...


Handy and with reduced dimensions, it grinds any kind of dry grains: corn, barley, oats, rye, wheat, millet, pepper, etc. Cool milling without dust. The output per hour may vary according to the product to grind, to its dampness and to the sieve used. It has a shaped...

Plucking Machines

The wet plucking machine is produced in three versions: STANDARD with 24 chicken plucking fingers; SUPER with 30 chicken plucking fingers and QUAILS with 36 quail plucking fingers. The 3 rollers are exchangeable so that different species of poultry can be plucked with just one machine. Body in stainless steel, stable legs with adjustable feet, roller in pressure die-cast aluminium.

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