FOOD industry

Silos, Mills, Egg processing

Mills, machines for egg processing, machines for mayonnaise.


.A wide range of grinding plants for grinding cereals, wheat and corn. Highly performant, customizable machines.

mayonnaise and other sauces

Homogenizing machines to produce mayonnaise and other sauces, such as hummus, vinegar, cocktail sauce, tuna sauce etc. From 800 to 1000 kg / h

hard boiled egg

Low-energy  hard boiled egg machines. Up to 98% cooking and peeling efficiency rate. Yolk centering system.

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News on products for the Food Industry, the Egg and Poultry Industries, and on the activities of our Service, events and exhibitions.

Egg packing machine – 72,000 eggs / hour

High profile egg packing machine. Egg packer for high production: capacity of 72,000 eggs / hour (200 cases / hour). The FarmPacker 200 is a flexible and reliable packing machine with100% correct packing. Sanovo technology and know how for a high standard machine sold...

Egg packer – 36,000 eggs / hour

Egg packing machine with capacity of 36,000 eggs / hour (100 cases/hour). Highly performing egg packer. This Sanovo packing machine is your best choice if you are looking for a low energy consumption, easy maintenance packer.  Every Farmpacker is created with the...

Egg packer – 25,200 eggs/hour

Reliable egg packing machine. This Sanovo FarmPacker 70 can packs 25,200 eggs/hour (70 cases/hour). The FarmPacker 70 is a highly efficient, low maintenance packing machines for poultry eggs. It is simple and flexible. Minimal human presence, maximum efficacy. Contact...

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