EGG Industry

From incubators to liquid and powdered eggs.

machines, plants, accessories

Machines for handling, breaking, drying, pasteurising eggs. Egg conveyors, egg printers, trays, dividers, pallets and machines to wash them, egg packaging and more.

Egg Graders

Egg grading machines from 70 to 800 cases per hour. From small and agile units to the largest grading capacity in the world.


 Pasteurisers for high viscosity salted and sugared products, ESL products with very high pasteurisation temperature. From 1,000 to 15,000 litres/hour

egg printers

Easy and reliable machines for manual stamping or automatic printing on eggs. Food-grade ink. 

egg breakers

Egg breaking machines from small to large scale production with advanced separation and full surveillance.

hard boiled egg

Hard-Boiled Egg machines with capacities from 8,400 to 20,000 eggs/hour. Gentle cracking and peeling process which results in a high quality of de-shelled eggs. 

trays and dividers

Polypropylene, food-grade trays and dividers. Different colours available.


Soft vacuum container in food-grade plastic, suitable to guarantee the ideal hygienic conditions for the liquid egg.

Egg dryers

Egg drying machines designed for a wide range of food products and to produce high quality powders at the lowest energy consumption.

egg conveyors

Egg conveyor composed of two calibrated and hardened external chains, joined by a continuous ring to transport the eggs from the breeding to the processing machines.

egg and manure belts

Egg and manure belt of different sizes, colours and shapes.

Latest From Our Blog

Here you can find some news about our products for the Egg Industry, for the Poultry Industry and for the Food Industry, news on our Service activities and more.

Our Stand at MEP

Starting on March the 14th till the 16th we will be at the MEP: MIDDLE EAST POULTRY EXPO together with our partner and friends SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. The event puts Riyadh and Saudi Arabia at the heart of the global poultry industry. You all are invited to visit our...

New Office in Dubai

Thanks to the partnership with SANOVO TECNHOLOGY GROUP and celebrating the World Egg Day we are proud of our new office in DUBAI Jumeirah Lake : just opened! ... … and business keeps on growing ! Powered by Sanovo !!!!


We now can help our customer supplying all is needed to the filling process of any kind of food and beverage like liquid eggs,  juices, yogurt, milk, oil and wine as well.: from the filling machine  to the GABLE TOP carton packages to the BAG and BOX. Please take...

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