The most flexible case packing solution handling the largest variety of egg cartons in the industry. Can be attached to all common grader brands.

The SANOVO Case Packer Pro is a modern, multi-functional case packing solution, operating with a speed between 14,000 – 50,400 eggs/hour (40 – 140 cases/hour).
This robot is a response to the strong growth of non-standardized egg carton shapes, sizes, and packing patterns in the European and Asian egg industry.

The Case Packer Pro easily integrates into existing grading and packing setups. Considering the little production space often available, it comes in a compact, hygienic design saving this way floor space. Usability is thought into every aspect of the machine, making the Case Packer Pro a safe and operator-friendly system, easy to maintain and cleaning. To provide a full automation, it can be integrated into common egg tracing systems like Ovotrack.

 As egg producer, you can choose between different options and configurations of the machine, to receive a tailor-made and thereby cost-effective robotic solution.

Sanovo technology is very well known for its high standard machines sold all over the world.

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